Ding Liu


Why did you choose Oregon State University?

Oregon State University is a great research institute. I started my language program at Oregon State after my undergraduate studies in China, and entered the master’s program after that. Then I met my advisor, Dr. John Gambatese, who helped me a lot along the way of my living and learning here in the U.S. So, great advisor and supportive academic community are the main reasons I chose Oregon State.

How did you become interested in construction engineering?

My father, who is a senior construction engineer, influenced me. I was fascinated by the sounds and sights of great structures under construction when I was young. When I officially started learning construction engineering, I found it playing important roles in ensuring successful construction projects. I feel that I could do something to contribute to the society of construction engineering.

Describe your current research.

My Ph.D. research is to create a quantification model to evaluate construction industrialization rate. Industrialized construction is the process of transferring on-site construction processes to off-site factories, and largely using off-site pre-fabricated modules to replace on-site casting and other risky tasks. It is believed that with this method, the construction performance criteria such as cost, quality, safety, schedule and productivity could improve. 

What are your plans following graduation?

I will keep stay in the academia for a little longer. I applied to several Chinese universities for faculty positions, and received offers. I will become a faculty member at one of those universities.

What do you like about Oregon State?

I like the academic community of Oregon State. People are supportive, cooperative, and always able to help. The Valley Library provided massive types of resources for learning and researching. For researchers, we can always find what we need through the library services.

What about Corvallis and the surrounding community?

Corvallis is a small town, unlike many large cities, it is quiet and friendly. People are warm, kind, and welcoming. I like the Pacific Northwest and there are many recreation areas around Corvallis. For outdoor recreation and sports lovers, you can always find things to do besides study all year round.

Anything else you would like to share with prospective students?

Make plans and schedule your living and learning time. When daily trivia, courses, homework deadlines, and research topics come all together at once, a well-planned schedule is a great help. Join student chapters and professional groups, and connect with colleagues and peers who could be great resources for your future development. Enjoy being an engineering student and discover, explore, and find fun in your academic study.  

– June 2019