Kasim Alomari

Why Oregon State University?

In 2009, I visited Corvallis and the OSU campus and found this to be the right place for me. It’s a great city and an excellent educational institution. During my visit, I met Dr. John Gambatese and decided that he should be my future adviser. After the initial visit, I returned to Iraq for three years before joining the OSU community in 2012.

How did you become interested in construction engineering?

I started working in the field in 2003 and began teaching project management and engineering economy at a university in Iraq. Both opportunities contributed to my interest in construction management.

Describe your research.

In general, I am working on construction safety and focusing in particular on accident causations. I am developing a new model for accident causations that consider the indirect roots of safety issues rather than only direct causes.

What are your plans following graduation?

In fact, my future life and career are already planned and I am going back to teach at a university in Iraq. Additionally, I have plans to establish a safety training agency to promote occupational health and safety.

How has Oregon State helped you prepare for your future career?

There are many things to name! For example, I have taken different classes that are beneficial for a career in higher education. I was also exposed to the practical side of construction processes by observing different projects on the OSU campus.

What have you liked about Oregon State and the surrounding community?

Everything is great about Corvallis and OSU. It is a quiet and peaceful city with friendly people who always smile and are ready to help. Corvallis’ location is central and travel by car makes it easy to visit many different and interesting nearby places. The coast, Portland, Seattle, and California are just a few examples from a long list of places to explore. OSU also provides a variety of opportunities for students and allows for flexible programs of study. There is also a broad range of research and recreational facilities at OSU. Additionally, I have enjoyed the faculty immensely. Now that my time at OSU is drawing to a close, I am sorry that I will not have the opportunity to take classes with the newly hired professors in the construction program. Lastly, with the help of wonderful friends, I worked toward perfecting my pool game. 

Do you have advice for incoming students?

Start thinking about your dissertation subject from day one! Do not leave the writing to a later time. Keep summarizing and paraphrasing what you read. The thesis is just a wall that is built brick after brick and if you do not prepare a good plan to build it, the final product will not be good. Since the research community is heading toward new techniques, try to learn some beforehand. Also, choose your classes depending on your research and future needs and not only depending on how many credits you need. If you think about getting a minor, then you are in the right place at OSU. You can do it smoothly and you just need to consult with your adviser and the great staff at the School of Civil and Construction Engineering.

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