Chase Simpson

Why Oregon State University?

I originally came to Oregon State University to complete my B.S. in Civil Engineering because of its prestigious reputation as one of the top engineering programs in the country and its location in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I stayed here to complete my master’s degree because of the fantastic faculty and the numerous advanced technologies and resources the school provides.

How did you become interested in geomatics?

What sparked my interest were internships where I did a lot of surveying using traditional technologies, like total stations, and GPS. Then, during my undergraduate studies here at OSU I became more interested in the field of geomatics and was introduced to our geomatics faculty and their research using terrestrial/mobile lidar scanners and UAVs. It’s a very interesting time to be in this field as the technology is evolving quickly.

Describe your current research. 

Most of my research is focused on using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) as a data-acquisition platform for civil engineering applications. The main project I have been working on lately is integrating a small scanning laser and a GNSS-aided inertial navigation system onto a large octocopter for monitoring and detection of special features in transportation networks. The information could then be utilized to aid decisions concerning emergency response, clearance, congestion, parking, etc.

What are your plans following graduation?

My hopes are to find a job located in the PNW that is progressive with the new and evolving technologies within this field. As I mentioned earlier, it is truly an incredible time to be in this field, and I would like to work for a company that wants to find innovative methods to apply these emerging technologies.

What do you like about Oregon State University?

There are many things I like about OSU, including its gorgeous campus. The things I feel stand out the most would be the location, phenomenal faculty, and well-equipped laboratories.

What about Corvallis and the surrounding community?

Corvallis is a wonderful college town that offers a welcoming feel. With the city being located between the Cascade mountain range and the coast, there are lots of outdoor sports and activities year round.


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