SURF 2017 students

2017 Research Topics:

  • Nolen Austin, “Distributed Generation in the Complex Load Model” 
  • Hector Colon De La Cruz, “Physical and Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Propagation and Inundation”
  • Tim Flowerday, “Probabilistic Tsunami Damage Assessment (PTDA) and Risk Estimation with Application to Seaside, Oregon”
  • Glen  Galant, “Tsunami Structure Loading due to the Effects of Shielding”  
  • Nicholas Giles, “Integrated Adaptation Pathways for Food, Energy, and Water Sectors”  
  • Kangni Jiang, “Ability Comparison of Human and Technology in Work Zone Evaluation”
  • Nicholas Kolstad, “Elemental Cylclic Resopnse of Transitional Silts”
  • Natalie Marshall, “Evaluate the Use of a Multitouch Exhibit for Informal Tsunami Hazard Literacy Education” 
  • Andres Matos, “Developing a Standard Operation Procedure to Measure Concrete Relative Humidity in the Field”
  • Reilly McClung, “Generalized Slope Stability Analysis to Evaluate Progressive Landslide Movements considering Toe Erosion Processes” 
  • Jaxom Moore, “Cyber-Physical Systems Employing Low-Cost Sensors for Remote and Real-Time Monitoring of Temporary Structures”
  • Christopher Norman, “Microbial Induced Concrete Corrosion”  
  • Aleah Olsen, “Use of Data Analytics for Transportation Resilience Planning: Applications to Ground Freight Roadway Safety”  
  • Pavan Patel, “Evaluation of Pin and Hanger Assemblies on Existing Bridges”
  • Peter Rivera, “Optical Measurements for Tsunami Run-up”
  • Amy Salisbury, “Agent-Based Tsunami Evacuation Modeling:  Population Distribution Risk Assessment for South Beach State Park”   
  • Logan Scott-Deeter, “Driver Distraction Due to Drones” 
  • Katherine Shafer, “Applied Video Games: Infrastructure Asset Management with Mobile Lidar”
  • Nathalene Then, “Chloride Binding in Cement Pastes Exposed to NaCl and CaCl2 Solutions” 
  • Anna Tsai, “Experimental Observations of Debris Impact and Damming Loads on Elevated Structures Subject to Transient Waves” 
  • Julia Waters, “A Social Science Perspective on Interdisciplinary Tsunami Evacuation Research”


SURF 2016

2016 Research Topics:

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