The Master of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering offers students the opportunity to pursue advanced study in the fields of civil engineering without also having to complete a research thesis or project. This coursework-only degree is concerned with the practical application of specialized, graduate-level engineering knowledge.

Master of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering Program 

The major milestones in completing an MEng in civil engineering are listed in the following table. University-wide requirements for earning an MEng degree at Oregon State are available on the Oregon State Graduate School website.




Major professor selection and graduate committee formation Must be formed prior to program meeting.

CCE faculty

CCE MEng Degree 

Coursework and credit requirements Must be completed or in progress prior to final examination.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit Request Form

Ethical research training  Can be completed any time, but must be completed before program of study approval.
Program of study development Must be filed with Graduate School prior to completing 18 credits.  Degree checklist
Final oral examination Occurs during the student's final term at Oregon State and must be formally scheduled at least two weeks prior to the event using the Graduat School's Exam Scheduling Form. MEng students can complete ENGR 599 portfolio course (structural students must complete oral exam).  Oregon State Grad School exam scheduling form