Jason Ideker
Room 304
Owen Hall
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Civil & Construction Engineering

Jason Ideker, Ph.D. - Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

Professor Ideker’s research interests are in the area of early-age volume change of cement-based materials and concrete durability. His research group is actively investigating ways to reduce early-age cracking in high performance concrete and understanding volume change in alternative cementitious systems. As an internationally recognized expert in alkali-silica reaction (ASR), Dr. Ideker and his team investigate ways to improve and develop new ASR test methods that accurately reflect field performance. The group also develops fundamental knowledge about the mechanisms of ASR mitigation. Dr. Ideker also focuses on providing rapid and effective repair strategies, particularly related to material selection, for the aging infrastructure prevalent throughout the world.  


CCE 321 – Civil and Construction Engineering Materials

CCE 421 – Advanced Concrete Properties and Performance 

CCE 422/522 – Green Building Materials

CCE 520 – Selected topics in Infrastructure Materials – Experimental Methods in Cement Chemistry

CCE 523 – Concrete Durability

Other Topics: Durability of Concrete, Cement Chemistry, Material Selection for Sustainable Design and Effective Technical Communication