Building Resilient Communities

June 17 to August 23, 2019

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Oregon State University is pleased to announce summer internships for undergraduate students on the topic of resilience. The Engineering for Bouncing Back (EBB) program will provide research experience for undergraduates (REU) in hands-on and interdisciplinary research on building resilient communities.

During the ten-week program, students will work with a faculty mentor and graduate student on a specific project and develop research skills to increase graduate school opportunities. In addition, students will participate in cohort-building activities such as field trips to communities facing unique challenges in resilience and film nights focused on community resilience stories. Professional development activities include weekly skill-building workshops and panels, a 10-page project report, and a final program symposium.

Highly motivated undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. 


Resilience at Oregon State

Ready to apply? 

Projects in the area of resilience are supported by three programs: The National Science Foundation, the Cascadia Lifelines Program, and the Clean and Sustainable Water Technology Initiative. Click the icons below information about projects supported by these programs and eligibility requirements below. 

Funding Source




National Science Foundation



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Non-Oregon State* and Oregon State students

Cascadia Lifelines Program (CLiP)

Cascadia Lifelines Program





– and –

Clean Water Initiative

Clean Water Initiative


Click to view CLiP and CWI-funded projects. 



Oregon State students 

 *Undergraduate students not enrolled at Oregon State University 

 Additional Resources

  • Program contact: Meghna Babbar-Sebens, associate professor of water resources engineering.

  • Program flyer

  • Funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF) REU site is provided by NSF’s Division of Engineering Education and Centers located in Alexandria, VA (Award ID NSF 1852277). The NSF contact for this program is Dr. Mary Poats. NSF does not handle REU applications; contact each REU site directly for application information.

  • Other programs that support research on building resilient communities include the Cascadia Lifelines Program and the Clean and Sustainable Water Technology Initiative.