The improvement of transportation operations and safety are consistent themes relating much of the work currently taking place in the Driving and Bicycling Simulator Laboratory. This research focuses on interactions between the built environment, system users, and vehicles. The following abbreviated list describes threads of research that are currently being pursued using the Driving and Bicycling Simulator Laboratory:

Signalized Intersection Safety

  • Change and clearance intervals for protected/permitted left turns
  • Advanced detection technology and predictive algorithms 
  • Mixed mode (bike-truck, car-pedestrian, etc.) crash causality

Driver and Bicyclist Behavior

  • Influence of dynamic roadside distraction on driving performance
  • Situational awareness of drivers in crash likely scenarios
  • Visual attention of bicyclists in a variety of scenarios

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Development and usability of automated vehicle display interfaces 
  • Takeover control during secondary tasks
  • Connected bicycle interfaces and infrastructure solutions

Traffic Control Devices

  • Pavement marking alternatives for bicycle lanes
  • Signal displays for permitted left and right turns
  • Traffic sign designs for tourist information centers

3D Design

  • Evaluation of roadway design alternatives
  • Rendering of simulator environments from dense point clouds
  • Incorporation of Mobile Laser Scanner data into simulator environments