Human Factors of Traffic Safety (presentations from 2018 workshop)


HF 101
HF 101 Risk Taking
Distracted Driving
Signing Design
Signs, Striping and Markings Applications
Speed and Speed Selection
Roadway Design Lane Departure
Urban Streets
Temporary Traffic Control and Work Zones
Unsignalized Intersections
Signalized Intersections
Access Management


Sign Retroreflectivity: A Minnesota Toolkit

Discretionary Immunity (2007)

Discretionary Immunity for Retroreflectivity (2013)

Sample Presentations, 2009


Safety Countermeasures Workshop Presentation

Ch 1 - Intro

Ch 5 - Older Driver Ch 9 - Trees

Ch 2 - Background

Ch 6 - Signalized Intersections Ch 10 - Alignments

Ch 3 - Safety Measures

Ch 7 - Pedestrian Collisions

Ch 11 - Unsignalized Intersections

Ch 4 - Human Factors

Ch 8 - Run-Off Road    Ch 12 - Utility Poles
    Ch 13 - Safety Alternatives

Complete Streets

Complete Streets, 2006


Highway Capacity Analysis, 2003


Screen Test of HC Background

Permit Writer Papers, 2003

Accident Statistics

Collision Diagrams Signal Progression

Signal Timing


Access Management Related Papers

2012-02 - Stopping Sight Distance

Accessible Pedestrian Signals, 1998

MUTCD Update, Federal Register

2012-03 - Decision Sight Distance

Stopping Sight Distance as a Minimum Criterion for Approach Spacing, DP5C Accessible Signals, MUTCD

2012-04 - Intersection Sight Distance

PROW Guide Interfacing Accessible Pedestrian Signals

2012-05 - Interchange Access Management

Pedestrian Facilities Users Guide, FHWA-RD-01-102 Detectable Warnings: Synthesis of US and International Practice
  Addendum, MUTCD A6

Highway Safety Manual, 2012

Chapter 8 Memo

Chapter 8 Critique Chapter 8 Prioritize Projects