The school of Civil and Construction Engineering partners with many professional organizations, and with industry leaders who sponsor research and assist the department through advisory boards. We also work with the Construction Education Foundation, which supports the Construction Engineering Management Program.  

 Advisory Boards
Advisory Panels
Professional Organizations
College of Engineering Contacts
  • Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering | Josefine Fleetwood | 541-737-7286
  • Civil and Construction Engineering | Erin Wirkkala | 541-737-4096
  • College of Engineering, Director of Leadership Academy | Scott Paja, 541-737-6539
  • College of Engineering, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships | Julie Brandis
  • College of Engineering, Recruitment & Diversity Initiatives Coordinator | Sahid L. Rosado Lausell, 541-737-9699
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science | Tina Batten, 541-737-8613
  • Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering | Lynn Ekstedt, 541-737-4646
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering | Jens Odegaard, 541-737-2633
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