The CCE Capstone Advisory Panel serve as industry advisors to the school's senior-level design course sequence, CE 418 and  CE 419. The objective of the courses is to guide students through the design of a civil engineering project, such as intersections, bridges, and buildings.

At the beginning of the capstone design course, students are divided into teams of four and are assigned an industry-sponsored, real-world engineering design problem. The CCE Capstone Advisory Panel provides guidance as to the structure of the course, and gives feedback to students at the midpoint and the completion of their projects. Learn more about the impact of the capstone course. For questions, or to get involved, contact Shane Brown, associate professor of engineering education.

Captsone Advisory Panel Former Members 




  Thomas Baughman Steve Malany P&C Construction
Geoff McGraw Ward-Henshaw
  Joe Squire ODOT

Current Members