The columns in Apperson 212, the largest classroom in Apperson, had been an annoyance for generations of students since 1920, when 75% of students had trouble seeing the blackboard. Why the columns? They support the third story, and replicate the structure that supports the second story (as seen in the current Materials Lab).

John Peterson, professor of civil engineering (wood structures) at OSU, orchestrated a solution: support a laminated beam by using the load bearing wall dividing room 306 and 308.
Did it Work?

Professor Peterson in Civil Engineering—ASCE reported that the modification was a success. After the project was completed, taut lines were installed for measuring deflection over time. One line was at the top of the structural wall and the other on the glulam beam. After seven months, there appeared to be no deflection of either unit.

Not to say that two-plus decades of students are appreciative of the change--they have no idea what it was like before. But now all students have a clear view of the chalkboard and the state-of-the-art data/video projection screen.