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Engineering Education Faculty

There are several ways you can find who you're looking for on our website.

If you know the first letter of the last name of the person you are looking for, just type it into the Last Name field and click the Apply button. This will display a list of employees whose last names begin with the letter you entered. The more specific you are, the more accurate the results list will be.

Name Contact
Shane Brown Brown, Shane 541-737-1759
Email Shane Brown, P.E. (CA)

Associate Head of Undergraduate Affairs, Associate Professor

Transportation, Engineering Education
Daniel Cox Cox, Daniel 541-737-3631
Email Dan Cox


Coastal and Ocean, Engineering Education
T. Matthew Evans Evans, T. Matthew 541-737- 8535
Email T. Matthew Evans

Associate Professor

Geotechnical, Engineering Education
David Hurwitz Hurwitz , David 541-737-9242
Email David Hurwitz

Associate Professor

Transportation, Engineering Education
Judy Liu Liu, Judy 541-737-1552
Email Judy Liu


Structural, Engineering Education
Thomas H. Miller Miller, Thomas 541-737-3322
Email Thomas Miller, P.E. (OR)

Associate Professor

Structural, Engineering Education