Tuba Ozkan-Haller

Tuba Ozkan-Haller
Burt Hall
Room 136
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Civil & Construction Engineering
Associate Professor
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Coastal and Ocean
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Research Interests:

Professor Ozkan-Haller's interests include numerical, field and analytical investigations of water motions in the nearshore zone, defined by water depth at the order of 10 m or less. Of special interest is the application of numerical models to predict nearshore circulation as well as the modeling of bathymetric change due to this circulation field. Verification of the results is carried out using field and laboratory data.


B.S., Civil Engineering, Bogazici University, Turkey, 1991
M.C.E., Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 1994
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Delaware, 1998


Professor Ozkan-Haller's interests include water wave mechanics, nearshore hydrodynamics and numerical methods.