Conference Rooms and A/V Presentation Equipment

CCE faculty and staff can reserve a conference room, projector, or laptop, with the CCE room reservations system. OSU students can request a conference room, projector, or laptop by visiting Kearney Hall, Room 111. 

Conference rooms available for reservation via the CCE room reservation system. 

  • Kearney 101C
  • Kearney 201C
  • Kearney Atrium
  • Kearney Student Lounge
  • Owen 204
  • Owen 224
  • Owen 308
  • Owen 324
  • Owen 424
  • Owen Atrium

Kearney 111C and Kearney 311 are available for reservation by contacting the graduate program coordinator/scheduler or the assistant to the school head.


All CCE faculty, staff, and OSU students can request a reservation for all other classrooms in Kearney Hall and Owen Hall (not listed as conference rooms above) by contacting the graduate program coordinator/scheduler.

Classrooms available for reservation:

  • Kearney 124 
  • Kearney 202 
  • Kearney 205 
  • Kearney 302 
  • Kearney 312 
  • Owen 241 Computer Lab