Why Oregon State University? 

The College of Engineering at OSU has a great reputation. Many of my mentors and teachers recommended it to me during my high school exchange program in Corvallis. Also, OSU offered many options in regard to programs of study, student organizations, and research areas.

How did you become interested in structural engineering?

My aptitude for math and science and my desire to make the world a better place lead me to engineering. Professional engineering practice is crucial for the well-being of a community and we can see that clearly from the role of our built environment and water, wastewater, energy, and transportation infrastructure into our daily lives. I chose the structural engineering program because it provided me with the opportunity to do the type of work I enjoyed the most and apply my skills to help solve problems in many different areas.

Describe your current research. 

My research is in the area of life cycle assessment of structural building materials. More specifically, I am evaluating and comparing the environmental impact of using wood in place of steel, concrete, or masonry in commercial construction in Oregon. During my research, I have had the opportunity to perform structural design, computer modeling, and help answer a question of great interest to many of us here in the Northwest.

What are your plans following graduation? 

After I graduate, I plan to work for an international structural consulting firm, enhance my engineering skills, and attain my PE and SE licensure. I want to promote sustainable development and seek innovative and collaborative approaches to problem solving, both at work and outside of my job.

What do you like about Oregon State University? 

There are so many things I like about OSU, including the opportunity to make friends from all over the world, learn from and work with outstanding faculty, participate in abroad experiences and internships, and feel part of a great community. Besides, the campus is so beautiful during each season, come and see it for yourself!

What about Corvallis and the surrounding community? 

Corvallis is a beautiful and quiet college town, however, there are always things going on, you just have to ask. One of my favorite things about Corvallis is its outdoor culture, due to proximity of location to the coast and the mountains. This is a great place to enjoy and explore the beauty of the nature. The Corvallis community is extremely friendly, inspiring, and supportive, so you will feel at home here.