Arturo Leon

Arturo Leon
Owen Hall
Room 213
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Civil & Construction Engineering
Assistant Professor
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Water Resources
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Research Interests:

Dr. Leon’s areas of research include transient flows, real-time control of complex hydraulic systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), flood control and physical modeling of hydraulic structures. Arturo has developed various mathematical and numerical models, among them the open source code Illinois Transient Model (ITM), the Illinois Hydraulic Conveyance Analysis Program (ICAP), the Street Flooding Model (SFM) and OSU Rivers. His open source ITM model was used for the analysis of combined sewer systems in the United States of cities like Chicago and Dallas and currently is being used in countries such as Switzerland, New Zealand and Mexico. OSU Rivers is intended for the intelligent control of complex regulated river systems, such as those that have multiple reservoirs, have multiple objectives and in which the flow dynamics of the system is of particular interest.