Graduate school at CCE is about opportunities. You’ll have the chance to work with our world-class faculty members who possess a wealth of both academic knowledge and field experience. Conducting your research in our remarkable facilities such as the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Lab or the Kiewit Materials Performance Lab will give you an edge on your education. Students can focus their work in seven different areas of civil engineering and make use of specialized facilities to complete their work. Each area of specialization has different requirements for the each degree program, including the unique Master of Engineering program, which is a non-thesis degree. 

Degree Programs 

Master of Engineering (MEng)
Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MS)
Doctorate in Civil Engineering (PhD)

Graduate Student Resources

Frequently Asked Questions - Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate Admissions

MEng Degree Checklist
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PhD Degree Checklist
Graduate School Thesis Guide
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Civil Engineering Specializations 

Coastal & Ocean
Engineering Education
Infrastructure Materials
Water Resources

For more information, contact:

Michelle McAllaster
Graduate Program Coordinator/Scheduler
School of Civil and Construction Engineering
111 Kearney Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331