CEM research at OSU focuses on alternative contracting techniques, risk management, construction safety, sustainability, construction materials, lean construction, work zone safety, temporary structures, and enterprise management. Over the past several years, CEM faculty have lead or participated in research sponsored by the Construction Industry Institute (CII), National Cooperative Highway Research Program, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Center for Construction Research and Training, ELECTRI Foundation, and PacTrans. Graduates of the program are prepared to be leaders in the industry and have gone on to excel in positions in academia, government, and industry.

Construction Engineering faculty and their research interests are listed below:

  • Dr. Ingrid Arocho’s research interests include construction equipment fleet management, pollution production during construction activities, and construction methods improvement to reduce environmental impact.  Her previous research included the estimation and forecasting of pollution emissions from construction equipment fleets.
  • Dr. John Gambatese's technical and research interests include construction safety, work zone design, constructability, sustainability, design-construction interface, temporary construction structures, construction site operations, and systems engineering.  Current and recent research projects address issues related to construction worker health and safety, design of construction and maintenance work zones, Prevention through Design (PtD), formwork risk and reliability, and the impacts of lean design and construction on safety.

  • Dr. Joseph Louis’s research interest lies at the intersection of simulation, visualization, and automation within the context of construction operations. He draws upon concepts in these areas to provide construction managers with better means of planning, monitoring, and controlling their operations to improve safety, maximize productivities, and minimize equipment idle times. 
  • Dr. David Sillars' technical and research interests include interorganizational relationships in the construction industry; cultural factors in facility delivering; project delivery alternatives; and strategic organizational structuring at the project and enterprise level. For example, one of Dr. Sillars current research projects is evaluating how to use construction contract provisions to encourage timely construction.

  • Dr. David Trejo's research focuses on the design and development of materials and systems for efficient construction processes and products. His interests focus on the design and development of systems that allow for accelerated and durable construction. Specific research projects have included development of precast overhang systems for safe, rapid, and durable bridge construction, assessment and modeling of segmental, post-tensioned bridges exhibiting strand corrosion, development of refractory materials for NASA’s launch complex, modeling and performance assessment of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) concrete reinforcement, and many others. His teaching interests include heavy civil construction methods and processes, cementitious materials and systems, rapid and durable construction. With almost 10 years of experience in the field, Dr. Trejo brings real-world applications into the classroom. 

  • Dr. Yelda Turkan’s research interests are centered on the areas of remote sensing, automation, and information technology applications for construction engineering and management, infrastructure asset management, and transportation. Her recent research projects have focused on building information modeling (BIM) for visualization and facility energy management; bridge information modeling (BrIM) for bridge inspections; and investigating how 3D laser scanning, and virtual design and construction (VDC) technologies can help improve project controls.

Graduate Student Spotlights: learn more about the students who call OSU CCE "home"

Chuma Nnaji

Examples of OSU CCE Research Papers, Presentations, and Projects

Mapped Workflow for Safety and Reliability Assessments of Use and Re-use of Formwork,” Barbosa, A., Gambatese, J., Das, A., and Pestana, A.C. (2013), 2014 Construction Research Congress, ASCE, Atlanta, GA, May 19-21, 2014

Implementation of Traffic Control Devices on Highway Preservation Projects to Enhance Construction Work Zone Safety,” Zhang, F., Gambatese, J.A., and Vahed, A.M. (2013), 2014 Construction Research Congress, ASCE, Atlanta, GA, May 19-21, 2014.

Comparison of Design Risk Factors of Multistory Commercial Office Buildings,” Dharmapalan, V. and Gambatese, J.A. (2012), Proceedings of the ASCE Construction Research Congress 2012, West Lafayette, IN, May 21-23, 2012. 

After the OSU CCE Graduate Progam

Following their time at Oregon State, our students are often recruited by leaders in academia, government, and industry in order to make a positive impact around the globe. Here are a few of our most recent graduates and their current positions:

Nicholas Tymvios, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina – Charlotte (PhD, 2013).

Matthew Hallowell, Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder (PhD, 2008).

Sathy Rajendran, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Safety and Health Management Program, Central Washington University (PhD, 2006).